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Look in the comments section...hope everyone can see that...


To have the VA of Jem love both your regular Jem and Glitter 'n' Gold Jem...that's amazing.

Side note: I find it funny how I was popular enough on Facebook to get lots of birthday greetings and nothing on here. Ah well, it does seem that lj is dying out in popularity. Probably no one is here that much anymore.
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I've been beating my head against a wall.... I need to design a webpage or two for myself, have the domain names and everything. But it's been so long since I've made a website that I just can't get started. Can anyone suggest to me some help in this regard? I know what I would like to create but I'm lost right now.
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I'm wondering how many of the "friends" from my old high school are going to start disappearing from my Facebook after I truthfully filled out a meme about my last year of high school.

Yes, it sucked. No, I would never do that again. I never asked you to "friend" me in the first place. Especially after we were never friends back then.

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Artistic...or poser...

So, I got this ad to join this website called "Artician.com". From what I can see/read/heard about, they consider themselves a higher-end version of dA. You can even import all your work from dA into your new account with them. I have no idea if I'm being recognized by someone for my work, or it's just a bot with no feelings trying to jack in everyone that has a dA account. I did sign up, but I haven't ported anything over because I seemed to have lost my password. (I have it set up as an automatic log in).

I'm actually feeling a bit creative today. Otakon is going to be a "Type-Moon" convention for me as I have all my costumes planned out as being from one of their shows. I have for myself Rin and Neko-Arc, frumious is Archer and Akiha (I think he's still doing that), and a friend of mine from work is going to be Arcueid (I get to be her evil cat-twin). Yes, loads of people are doing Rin, but at least one will be doing it right. :P

Since Rin is rather easy to put together, I'll probably whip that up first and have it on the side. Probably the same with Neko-Arc, but I need to find a "cat prosthetic" to permanently give me a cat lip smile. Rest is already planned out. That costume should be hilarious to wear!

I'm still working on the competition stuff too for September. I know I could probably make up some of the costumes right now as I'm sure their sizes won't change drastically. If I get them done right away, maybe that will leave me enough room to concentrate on my dress. We'll see how far I get in this. (Those that know what I'm making, PLEASE don't say what it is in the comments. Being in competition is no secret; what I'm working on is!)

I'm still amazed that I'm a bit ahead in all the costumes I need to make. Sakura Matsuri isn't until the beginning of April, and the mask won't take very long to make. It's a matter of if I can help make Frumious' costume in time. All these deadlines!

At least the losing weight part is finally starting to show. I can at least hope that I can drop my weight down to the size where I can wear my Mithra again for Gencon. Have to wait and see how that goes.
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Only because I don't know what to say, and maybe I want to see if anyone even responds. (I know who reads my messages...about 3-4 out of 30 that are listed here) Yeah, not in the greatest of moods ATM.

Describe me in one word... just one single word. Positive or negative.
Leave your word in a comment before looking at the words others have chosen.

If you're so inclined, post the question in your own journal and give people a chance to characterize you!

You can post annonymoose if you wish.
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Dragon*Con and ass't crap

Got the room for Dragon*Con.  Sheradon has single/doubles for $152 so I grabbed one.  Anyone else who needed a room, go check them out now.

Random Thought:
This TV conversion to digital...got me to thinking.  I don't think they want to switch over to digital because of bandwidth or higher quality picture.  I think the Government is tired of space aliens getting free shows from us and not buying from the underwriters.  Either that or the subliminal messages are now more effective with digital and makes it easier to brainwash people.

You be the judge.  ^^